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People moving into Camp Pendleton are always looking for the best water service company. Since you, our customer, have already found it – what better way to pass on that information than you suggesting the great service at RWI Base Water of Camp Pendleton to your new neighbor?

Working with the best water service company is the key to getting the best water!

As you know, hard water is a serious problem in Camp Pendleton – in fact, it is the most common water quality problem in the U.S. While you have already made the decision to work with RWI Base Water of Camp Pendleton, your new neighbors may not be sure which water service company to work with. Do you think they would love our Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Service as much as you do? They might appreciate how effectively our RO reduces harmful contaminants – turning tap water into convenient, fresh, clean water. They might also value how cost-effective our Drinking Water Service is, providing a continuous supply of sparkling clean water without the use of bottles.

Get high quality water at an affordable price

Perhaps the PE Tank Exchange Service with our luxurious soft water would peak their interest. After all, it is the environmentally superior way to soften your hard water. Of course, nothing beats the ease and convenience of our water-softening system giving you cleaner dishes, softer skin, more manageable hair and cleaner, longer-lasting clothes.

As you already know, RWI Base Water customers love our services because they are so simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Help your new friends and neighbors make a choice they can feel confident about! This spring, refer them to RWI Base Water of Camp Pendleton for their water service needs. We think our customers are the best form of advertisement and we appreciate your referrals very much. To show our appreciation, when your friends or neighbors begin using our service, you will receive a $25 credit toward your next bill.

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