Frequently Asked Questions

Will the soft water system make my dishes cleaner?

Yes! You currently are seeing calcium, magnesium and soap residue on the dishes. Our soft water tank removes these two minerals and allows the soap to release from the dishes to make them very clean and spot free.

I noticed that when I moved on base, my families skin is dry. Will your soft water improve our skin?

Yes! There are 2 minerals in the water that are causing that; calcium and magnesium. Our soft water tank will remove those and your family will have soft and smoother skin. Most people on base with our soft water system will say that when they get out of the shower they only put a little lotion on their face and usually none on their body.

My son has eczema. Will the soft water help him?

Yes! Most everyone on base will report great improvement on the effects of eczema and psoriasis. They will say the skin is much nicer and will not have to apply the skin ointments near as often. This is especially important for children since many ointments contain steroids.

Is the base water safe to drink?

As we understand it, the base water is technically clean and safe. As our world population grows, it gets harder to maintain a clean water system. Many people use our reverse osmosis systems in order to clean down to a very small micron level that gets out any of the minerals that might be of concern. This system creates “bottled quality water” without the bottle.

Where does the Camp Pendleton water come from for the south portion of base?

This water comes partly from the Santa Margaurita basin well water which is heavy with minerals.

Can I drink the soft water?

Soft water is not intended to be your source for drinking water. A soft water system will remove the minerals that cause the deposits on dishes from the dishwasher and make your skin feel dry, etc. Other minerals need to be removed which is performed by a reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Why is the base water so hard compared to my friends water who lives off base?

Camp Pendleton’s water is basically well water. The water source for those living off base is generally Colorado River water delivered by an aqua duct system built in the 1960’s.

How long does it take to install this system?

It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to install both the soft water tank and the reverse osmosis system.

Do I have to be home for the installation?

Our installation days are Monday through Friday and from 9am to 4 pm. If the situation is such that no one can be at the home for the installation, we can usually accomadate you if you call us.

Do I have to pay to have these systems removed when I move?

No. We offer several benefits for military families and one of those is no cost to you for removing the equipment.

Am I renting this equipment or is it rent-to-own?

Base housing tenants just rent these systems on a month-to-month basis. We do not have a rent-to-own plan. The equipment remains the property of RWI Base Water of North County.

Do I have to pay to have these systems transferred to a new address?

We will transfer the equipment at no cost if you move within our service area. Our service area covers all of Camp Pendleton and North San Diego County.

How does billing work?

We try very hard to keep our service costs down for you. We charge your credit card every month on the 16th automatically. This allows us to save the cost of paper billing and postage.

What is the difference between hard water and soft water?

Mineral content is the difference between hard water and soft water. The base water has a very high mineral content that affects the dishes in the dishwasher, skin and hair when showering and leaves the soapy film on the clothes from the laundry. The soft water system removes the main minerals that cause these problems.

My mom and dad had a water softener system and had to add salt to the system. Do I have to add salt to this system?

No salt needs to be added by the customer to our soft water exchange tank system. We provide a service where we come to your home periodically to pick up the tank of collected mineral deposits and replace it with a freshly charged tank in about 3 minutes. Once the contaminated tank is back at our plant we treat the resin pellets from the tank with salt.

I see some of your soft water tanks located on the outside of the house and some inside the garage. Where would mine be located?

Every housing area is unique. Usually what your neighbor has will be what you would get. However, not all housing areas are uniformally the same. We can usually tell you over the phone when you call us. If you see an unusual looking copper pipe sticking out of the wall in the garage, that would probably be the location indicator.

Since moving on base my blonde hair has turned green. My girlfriend said to call you. Is this from the water?

Yes! Some people with a certain type of hair tend to have a reaction with the base tap water. The soft water system will help your hair be more manageable and have its normal color.

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